Blinder Bunker Liner — The Ultimate solution for your problematic bunkers.

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The ultimate solution
for your problematic bunkers


Welcome to Blinder Bunker International home of the first choice in Bunker Lining Solutions for the Golf Industry Market.

Blinder Bunker Liner ensures your problematic bunkers will become a thing of the past. This rubber granular based system provides a flexible, durable liner which eliminates sand contamination whilst ensuring drainage properties are not compromised.

This unique system is the original rubber crumb bunker liner which is available to golf professionals around Europe and the USA at present. With installations throughout eight countries Blinder is solving problem bunkers worldwide.

When it comes to rubber crumb based bunker liners, be aware of the imitations out there, if it’s not Blinder then it’s not the real thing.

  • Reduces man-hours spent on bunker maintenance
  • Excellent drainage qualities
  • Resistant to golf club strikes
  • Able to stand the expansion and contraction of soils
  • Minimised sand wash from step bunker faces

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