Blinder Bunker Liner — The Ultimate solution for your problematic bunkers.

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About Ecopath

Ecopath in Brief

Blinder Eco Path is the natural looking solution to making golf pathways maintenance friendly. Derived from recycled tyres this environmentally friendly product is the answer to course manager’s needs for a hard wearing path that blends naturally into its surrounding.

No washouts in the winter, no dust in the summer, the aesthetically pleasing Eco Path is the perfect all round system for Golf pathways.


Why choose Blinder Eco Path

  • Anti-Fatigue, all weather surface
  • 100% recycled product
  • Strong, hard wearing and durable, wear resistant to spiked shoes
  • Golf Buggy friendly
  • No washouts in winter
  • Fast Draining, Fully porous
  • Option of 6 different colours that can be mixed
  • Minimal disruption during installation

Investing in Blinder Eco Path today is guaranteed to give you huge maintenance savings in the future.

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