Blinder Bunker Liner — The Ultimate solution for your problematic bunkers.

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Looking for an opportunity to join Blinder in the quest for perfect bunkers?

At present Blinder International works closely with all approved current Licence Holders but we are looking for strategic companies to join our team who have the necessary experience, resources and vision to represent Blinder across a number of markets throughout the world.
Blinder International has a limited number of available territories currently on offer throughout the world.

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Profitable business opportunities, training, education and support, marketing support

What Blinder International requires from license holders

Be an established company working within the Golf Industry. Experience and knowledge of the gold market. The ability to form a dedicated Blinder installation team who will be trained and educated in the Blinder Bunker System.

What Blinder
International appreciates

Hard working, enthusiastic teams. Dedication to high standards of work. Good working relationships with like-minded companies / clients.